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Valentine Goodie Box

Our Valentine Goodie Box is filled with an assortment of Valentine’s Day candy gummies, sours, jelly beans, caramels and chocolates. The candy included nine 1/4 lb bags of candy and is packaged in a white shipping box with shredded paper to make your special someone’s day!

A great gift box to ship to someone away at college, a co-worker, friend, family or even a treat for yourself!


We can only ship 1 gift box per shipping label.  If you are shipping additional boxes, please place a separate order for each address. Everything in your cart goes into one box.


If you would prefer the assortment of candy, please make a note a check out and we will include it without the box.


This box includes:

1 – 1/4 lb bag Sanded Cinnamon Hearts

1 – 1/4 lb bag Red and Dark Chocolate Malt Balls

1 – 1/4 lb bag Milk Chocolate Foil Presents

1 – 1/4 lb bag Valentine’s Day Jelly Belly Mix

1 – 1/4 lb bag Cinnamon Lips

1 – 1/4 lb bag Sour Lips

1 – 1/4 lb bag Valentine’s Day Gummy Bears

1- 1/4 lb bag Milk Chocolate Caramel Hearts

1- 1/4 bag Sanded Gummy Hearts

1- Milk Chocolate Foil Hearts

1- 2 piece Chocolate Box

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