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About Us


The Confectionery has taken the saying, “like a kid in a candy store” to a new level.

Irresistible sweets and fine chocolates, The Confectionery is the ultimate candy store with a classic old fashioned feel.  This upscale candy boutique features a traditional store front, while inside customers are treated to a visual delight, a candy store out of a dream.


Our store is filled with confections from floor to ceiling: jars of candy line the creamy white shelves, the powder pink cases are filled with chocolates and truffles,  the red terrazzo floor resembles crushed candy, the ceiling is stamped tin, while hand- blown glass lollipop lights illuminate the counters.  In the center of the store,  three round custom fixtures brim with candy in jars, pre-packaged candy and assorted pre-made gifts.  A different candy theme is featured for each fixture.

Our delicious variety of candy ensures that no one can leave empty handed. We truly have something sweet for everyone. We boast a large selection of fine chocolates and truffles, caramels, toffees, malted milk balls, Jelly Belly beans, licorice, gummies, sours, salt water taffy, gumballs, hard candy and nostalgic kids’ candy favorites. The store transforms with each holiday and we have a large variety of traditional and imported seasonal candies.

Our cheery and helpful staff is able to make any of our sweets into the perfect gift. We work with the customer to create unique candy, gifts, custom wedding & party favors, treat bags and gift baskets.




Kristi Holmes, Owner

Owning a candy store has always been Kristi Holmes’ dream!  Her love of candy started young.  Her grandma had a candy cupboard in her pantry that was always stocked with tootsie pops.    In many of her young photos she had candy in her hand and was easily bribed with candy as a small tot to sit still.  Over her childhood she spent many afternoons spending her candy money wisely. Always in search of a new candy to try.


Kristi grew up in Washington’s Skagit Valley.  Her first job out of the strawberry fields was at a mom & pop candy store.  After college, she tried to bury her sweet tooth and worked in public relations.  When the sugar cubes near the coffee weren’t enough, she scanned the want ads and saw her dream job – The Confectionery needed a full-time candy girl!  She applied, was hired and the rest is, well, a dream come true.  After working at the store for 11 years, she purchased the store from the previous owner in 2001.


The store was the perfect outlet for her creative ability and combined with her love of candy, the store transformed into an upscale shop without losing its charm.   Everything about The Confectionery is eye catching – from the window displays to the way the candy is presented, packaged and offered to the customers.  In March of 2006, she completely renovated the store to create a visually beautiful and working full-service sweet shop.


With 30 years in the candy business, Kristi prides herself in knowing her products and customers.  Her lines are carefully chosen and the product quality is never compromised.  She works with an extensive list of vendors and enjoys working with other small business owners.  She eats candy daily and lives in Seattle with her husband. Her son and daughter in law can also be seen working at the store during the busy times.

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