Embracing the Spirit of Halloween

Growing up, we all knew the houses with full-sized candy bars. Or the houses that put out a bucket and wrote ‘take one’ when everyone knows that means ‘take three’. October 31st was a big deal for me and my sisters. It marked the beginning of the seemingly never-ending holiday season and was an opportunity for us to eat as much candy as we could stomach with little to no consequences. 


We would pick out our costumes a month in advance and would count down the days to cover our faces in blue body paint to dress as a Smurf or wear eye black and be a football player. Halloween meant we could be whoever we wanted for a day. Whether that was a UW cheerleader, a rainbow skeleton, or a nurse. 


Now as a college student, my Halloweens look slightly different. The suburban streets of California have given way to the vibrant Greek row of the University of Washington, and the days of surviving solely on Kit-Kats are a sweet memory of the past. However, as the month of October unfolds and Halloween looms on the horizon, I find myself embracing new traditions and festive rituals that not only create enduring memories but unite me with a newfound sense of community. 


Participating in ‘Booing” is one of my favorite things to do during this time of year. It entailsghoulish gummies crafting a little basket or gift containing candy and a note, announcing to the recipient that they have been “booed”. The essence of this tradition lies in its anonymity and the recipient is then tasked with carrying on the delightful gesture to someone else. Last October, my sorority sisters and I continued this tradition within our house, discreetly dropping off tiny baskets at each other’s doors, filled with much-needed candy to help us through the demanding midterm season. If you’re looking to create your own ‘Booing’ baskets, The Confectionery has all of your Halloween candy needs covered.

6 Piece Halloween Bundle


Halloween, and the other holidays around this time of year, can be hard for those of us living far from home. That’s why I sent both of my sister’s treat bundles from The Confectionery. This way, we can relive the cherished moments of sorting and trading candy after our trick-or-treating adventures even though we’re now scattered across different states.


The Confectionery in Seattle stands as a sweet reminder of the magic that candies and treats can bring to these cherished traditions. Whether you’re reliving your childhood memories or creating new ones, The Confectionery is here to make your Halloween season a little sweeter.