Sweet Treats for a Sweet Dad

I grew up with 2 sisters. When it came to Father’s Day, my Dad’s birthday, or any occasion where we needed to get him a gift, we were clueless. I was well-versed in all things fashion and makeup but was relatively naive when it came to his interests. He made it easy for us—every year just asking for us to get along. So basically he just wanted to go a day without the three of us fighting over clothes or who got to sit in the front seat of the car. 

As we got older, we started to buy him real, tangible gifts we thought he would enjoy. These ranged from a USC-branded spatula to a Warriors blanket, basically, any item we could find sporting the logo of one of his favorite sports teams. 

But now it is time for us to switch up our gift-giving ways once again. In part because I go to UW now and can’t imagine getting him merch from a different Pac-12 school and also because I don’t think he needs a third Giants Baseball hat. 

So this Father’s Day, I’ve decided to keep it simple but sweet. My Dad is the type of guy to never get his own ice cream scoop and instead steal bites from ours, and I think it’s time he deserves a treat of his own. 

When I travel home to the Bay Area this weekend, my suitcase will be packed with The Confectionery’s Father’s Day gift bundle and an assortment of other chocolates. 

Come check out the store in University Village or shop online to see some of the delightful Father’s Day treats available at The Confectionery just in time for this upcoming Sunday, June 18th.Father's Day candy

& don’t forget to get your Dad a card!

Happy Father’s Day

-The Confectionery:)